Saturday, November 25, 2006

London Bits

Source : Poll Conducted by Evening Standard

Least Funny things about driving in London
1. The Congestion Charge
2. Traffic Wardens
3. The endless Traffic Lights
4. The one-way streets
5. Getting stuck behind a bus

London's funniest Radio Presenter
1. Johnny Vaughan
2. Chris Moyles
3. Danny Baker
4. Jamie Theakston
5. Tony Blackburn

London's favourite driving songs
1. Bohemian Rhapsody , Queen (Why oh Why)
2. Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
3. Rock the Casbah, The Clash
4. Like a Prayer, Madonna
5. Mr Brightside, The Killers

Most likely to keep you entertained in a traffic jam
1. Singing Loudly in the car
2. Working out a new route/rest break
3. Watching couples arguing in nearby cars
4. Playing games with passengers
5. Flirting with other drivers (shouldnt this be Number 1)


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